I credit Bandwidth for helping us build a team that set us up for long-term success. They found top engineering talent and helped sell them on the vision and potential of our company, long before our success was assured. They are an ideal partner for companies looking to grow.

Manny Medina, CEO, Outreach

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We also help VC firms build and scale their portfolios with strategic recruiting-centric HR services.

Our Customers Are Awesome:

Over the years, we’ve learned that our most successful and longest-lasting clients share a few things in common.

  1. They’re committed to ethical, inclusive, and unbiased recruiting.
  2. They’re strategic and engage in big-picture thinking.
  3. They care about improving the candidate experience.
  4. They understand that real, sustainable change takes time and investment – especially in people.
  5. They embrace transparency and are willing to let us in to get to know their company and culture.
  6. They appreciate direct, candid conversations.
  7. They’re comfortable with the uncomfortable – embracing tough decisions, hard work, and change.

We know people can feel uncomfortable exposing flaws in the system or changing how they’re used to working. But if you’re open to trying – we’d love to talk with you.


Our amazing clients had these nice things to say about us.

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