“We appreciate the work Bandwidth has done with many of our founding teams to make their first key, critical hires as well as scale-up larger teams. Bandwidth’s model dedicates a talent advisor to the CEO/founder plus a team on the back end who all roll up their sleeves to get the hiring done with speed and quality. Bandwidth also builds out competitive recruiting messaging, infrastructure, and streamlined processes that enable long-term, scalable hiring success.”

Shannon Anderson, Talent Partner, Madrona

We Do

Evaluate, advise, implement with speed. We have the experience and skill set to handle ambiguous and difficult situations.

We thrive on urgency. We have the resources and technology to guide you through the highs and lows of talent & workforce management.

We deliver results, but also know when to take a step back and implement a more permanent solution to support current and future needs.

Our service offerings cover it all!

This includes management, content, training, and materials to help you and your team:

  • Embrace new talent, workforce management, and unexpected changes.
  • Create and enhance your employer brand and messaging.
  • Use market downtime to optimize people processes and technology, to set your company up to be better than ever.

At Bandwidth, we know every company is unique and has different growth goals. Some of our customers use all of our services, some use just one.

Why It Works


Our Service Model lets you augment your workforce management efforts quickly, scaling up or down as needs change. You choose the amount of support you need with flexible, tiered hourly and monthly contracts that help you power through times of scaling up or down.


Whether you hire Bandwidth for a quick-turn project or a multi-year program, our approach to partnership is the same. We build long-term partnerships through accountability, transparency, candor, and a shared sense of purpose. We spend time getting to know you and become enthusiastic champions of your brand.


Contingency firms are incentivized to place as many people as possible, at the highest salary possible. We are different, we evaluate your talent needs to deliver the best options for the role, budget, and company culture. All the candidates we source are your leads to keep and follow-up with in the future.


Bandwidth works seamlessly as a talent management department of your company. We learn your business, company story, culture, and key messages so candidates can trust that they’re speaking with a knowledgeable recruiter at your company. We recruit as your company’s internal recruiter, with no hidden agendas, and take our role as a brand representative very seriously.


Combining decades of experience, proven best practices, and the latest technology, we deliver results. We use real-time testing and data to continually optimize our approaches, gaining new insights and efficiency.

You save time & money

Managing multiple external contingent firms is expensive and time-consuming. Short-term, individual contractors mean on-boarding someone new, again and again. We’ll retain the knowledge, experience, and trust you invest in us, so programs start and run seamlessly.

We also help VC firms build and scale their portfolios with strategic recruiting-centric HR services.

We work with all kinds of clients.

Imagine what we could do for you.

Client Stories

Insights, employer branding, and increased visibility generated a 20x increase in applications for high-demand tech roles.

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Establishing a new engineering center in a highly-competitive market – in weeks, not months.

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A robust pipeline and improvements to the hiring process delivered specialized talent at 1/3 the average cost per hire.

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A new careers site, 14x applications, and faster, better hiring decisions launched offices in Austin and Chicago.

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Ingenuity turned job applicants who didn’t make the cut into brand fans for life.

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Seamless partnership with internal recruiting team delivered highly-specialized new hires.

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