Bandwidth’s dedicated team and hands-on approach led to increased candidate quality yet our recruiting costs dropped.

Aaron SheedyCOO, Xealth

Bandwidth helped us find talent to fill multiple roles across multiple cities, including senior leadership positions that were key to our growth. The team there is friendly and responsive, and they put in effort to learn the nuances of our culture so they could help us find the right fit.

Gina PhillipsGeneral Manager Northwest, WeWork

I credit Bandwidth for helping us build a team that set us up for long-term success. They found top engineering talent and helped sell them on the vision and potential of our company, long before our success was assured. They are an ideal partner for companies looking to grow.

Manny MedinaCEO, Outreach

Having focused first on creating a foundation for recruiting infrastructure, the recruiting process itself is a lot smoother and we hired very high caliber people.

Joe SilverSVP of Finance, Lighter Capital

Bandwidth helped us meet our engineering hiring goals on an aggressive timeline. And as our needs have changed, they’ve been able to adapt and flex to support our various stages of growth.

Duoc NguyenVP of Engineering, Tally

The Best Practices that (Bandwidth) brought to us are paying off and will continue to pay off. This is a huge value to us now and in the long-term. You have set us up for success.

John CombsGeneral Counsel & Vice President of Business Operations, Algorithmia

SCCA heard about Bandwidth through word of mouth. Along with my other colleagues, we’ve been using their recruiting services. They really understood the qualities we were looking for and identified excellent candidates for us to make our hire.

Liz FormanClinical Analytics Supervisor, SCCA

We hired Bandwidth to build our Seattle office, and they were instrumental in helping scale our team. Their expertise across all aspects of the recruiting life cycle allowed us to quickly get ramped up and become relevant in the Seattle market.

John ThimsenVP of Engineering, Qualtrics

I stick with Bandwidth because they are committed to learning my business and learning what I value in people to make my business successful. They’re not playing a numbers game with me. That’s why.

Scott GellockVP of Engineering, Instructure