Specialized Talent for Healthcare Tech

While Xealth had a good head start, adjustments to their employer branding and advertising strategy, the hiring process, and candidate experience helped to deliver a more robust candidate pipeline and highly-specialized tech talent at 1/3 the cost.


Xealth is improving the connection between physicians and patients with a platform that enables healthcare professionals to order digital content and services as easily as they do medications. Patients can then access this content from the provider’s portal to better manage their health.


After closing a round of Series-A funding, Xealth needed to quickly build their team with critical, high-quality staff, including engineers, product managers, and solution architects. They asked for an increase in the quantity and quality of their talent pool while keeping costs and overhead low.


Our embedded approach as internal recruiters, as well as our focus on process improvement to scale the talent pipeline, was new to Xealth. While immediately driving an increase in qualified candidates, we worked with the executive team on a lean plan to build Xealth’s employer brand and apply technology to improve the recruiting process for everyone.

Applying services from our Foundational Recruiting Practice and Build & Scale, Bandwidth, and Xealth revitalized every aspect of their recruitment process, including:

  • A refreshed employer brand and content showcasing Xealth’s unique value proposition to potential employees
  • A new omnichannel branding and advertising strategy using free and paid resources to deliver the message to the right audience
  • Focused outreach campaigns identified and targeted hundreds of passive, ideal local candidates that met Xealth’s technical requirements and showed a passion for healthcare tech.
  • Improvements in Xealth’s hiring process removed ambiguity and mapped both recruiter and candidate journeys.


While Xealth had a good head start on their employer brand as a uniquely purpose-driven company and strong social presence, adjustments to the branding and advertising strategy, the hiring process, and candidate experience helped to deliver beyond expectations:

  • A high-quality candidate pool with more than 2,000 applications over 90 days – an unprecedented number for Xealth
  • Several mission-critical hires
  • Reduced average-cost-to-hire from $20,000 to around $6000.
  • A new Applicant Tracking System (ATS) – Xealth’s first – streamlined the process for managing their career site, job postings, and all administration of the end-to-end interview process.
  • Xealth is now empowered to build its talent pipeline with each search and has smoothed out its scheduling process.

Bandwidth’s dedicated team and hands-on approach led to increased candidate quality, yet our recruiting costs dropped.”
– Xealth COO, Aaron Sheedy

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