Bandwidth is a full service, on-demand talent and people operations firm.
As partners to our clients, we apply recruiting and HR strategies using innovative thinking, trusted technology, custom strategies and roadmaps, and data-driven insights.


We are people in support of people. We focus on optimizing ambitious companies with the best talent. Our work has contributed to thousands of skilled new hires for startups and enterprises across many industries.


Our core values embody our culture, spirit, and commitment to each other, our clients, and our industry. They guide what we do, how we work, and who we work with.

own it

We act as partners and hold ourselves accountable.

dig in

We take on challenges with tenacity, curiosity, and creativity.

make it personal

We really get to know our clients, their business, and goals- and customize our work for them.

shoot straight

We build trust through clarity, candor, and respect.

test, learn, repeat

We are guided by data, experience, and common sense.

fight bias

We recognize bias in recruiting and work to ensure inclusivity and equity in all we do.

A Message From Our Founder

I started Bandwidth to give companies another way to hire, build, and manage their internal recruiting departments. Recruiting can be volatile and challenging to manage, and the options available to organizations are often limited.

The traditional outsourced recruiting model has always been a numbers game – charging contingent fees which add up and don’t help build a company’s brand or long-term talent pipeline. We differentiated ourselves by charging hourly rates to fill roles faster and in service of building our customer’s brands and internal pipelines.

When we started, most companies didn’t think about recruiting strategy, employer brand or candidate experience. So, we did what we did well – recruit. But the economy, business, technology, workplace culture, and social media continue to reshape the hiring landscape. Employers and candidates have more choices and higher expectations. In the war for talent, recruiting is no longer a numbers game.

Today, recruiting is one part of a complex and always-changing hiring ecosystem. Companies need sharp recruiting strategies aligned to business growth goals, a healthy company culture, a differentiated employer brand, and social media savvy in order to attract, hire, and retain quality talent.

Our business, service offerings, and technology have all evolved to help companies thrive in this new hyper-competitive, yet volatile, hiring marketplace. We craft talent strategies, build future-ready recruiting infrastructure, design candidate experience journeys, drive digital hiring campaigns, and reinvigorate employer brands leveraging the latest technologies available.

If you’d like to learn more about how Bandwidth can help you, please reach out to us.

Meet Our Bandwidth Leaders


Jennie Ellis

Founder and CEO

Ryan Murphy


Jill Domanico

Chief Operating Officer

Tim Shibuya


Taylor Williamson


Allyssa Hastings


Join the Team

Are you right for us? Are we right for you?

Bandwidth employees are notoriously collaborative and supportive of each other’s success. We’re quick with feedback and compliments. We share ideas and figure out ways to make them happen. We love what we do.

Our work takes us across multiple industries and companies, recruiting for a variety of roles. We do everything from hiring the first ten employees for a startup to augmenting corporate recruiting for a global enterprise. We work as embedded consultants, defining innovative strategies, implementing the latest technology, and finding talented candidates for our clients.

Our team enjoys generous health benefits, 401k with company match, work-life balance, flexible schedules, professional development, mentorships, and career growth plans.

Through our apprentice training program, we’ve trained both recent grads and career-changers to become top-performing recruiters. We share our extensive knowledge and provide you with tons of support, feedback, and opportunities to grow.

For those with recruiting experience, we offer personalized career paths based on each individual’s goal. Employees are provided opportunities to lead both internal teams as well as client engagements.
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