Recruit and Retain: The Name of the Game

As partners to our clients, we apply bold recruiting strategies, innovative thinking, data and technology to solve the toughest hiring challenges.

Bandwidth: The energy or mental capacity required to deal with a situation.

Services We Offer

Build & Optimize - workforce planning whether your company is thriving or scaling back

Bandwidth’s team of talent advisors can help scale your team during uncertain times via our virtual recruiting approach and help you determine what current talent you should keep versus release. 

We offer a parallel approach to help accelerate your recruiting and hiring process while at the same time addressing any bigger issues impacting your growth and internal team. When time is not on your side, our team can jump in, prioritize, and get started right away.

  • Have you already let your internal recruiters go? We can drop in a fully operating recruiting team or offer a part-time recruiting solution option to help you weather a downturn. All of our build and optimize offerings can be dialed-up or down as needed to meet your ever-changing talent needs.
  • Maybe you have furloughed your team but you still need to replace key roles. Let us jump in and keep things on track. We can help you assess internal talent, while still working to fill tough roles.
  • Dramatically build on or begin a pipeline of qualified candidates through Research and Sourcing support so when you’re hiring gets turned back up again, you have a deep talent pool to recruit from.

Build & Scale also includes change management, content, training, and materials to help you and your team:

  • Embrace new talent, workforce management, and unexpected changes
  • Create and enhance your employer brand and messaging
  • Build and fine-tune your workforce management processes by leveraging downtime to come back strong

Workforce Planning and Optimization

We enable you to build a modern Recruiting Practice Infrastructure from the ground up with or without our consulting services option. For a day one startup or a more established company, we can:

  • Evaluate, implement, and configure a new or replacement applicant tracking system
  • Identify your employer brand and build it into all candidate-facing materials
  • Write or rewrite your talent communications  incorporating your employer brand

Build or rebuild your career page

  • Build your passive candidate outreach messages for you to recruit on your own
  • Create a recruiting strategy and plan customized to your company and hiring need

Recruiting Efficiency Assessments

This deep-dive assessment of your current Workforce Ecosystem identifies strengths, weaknesses, and untapped opportunities in your:

  • Employee culture and sentiment
  • Turnover and retention issues impacting recruiting or culture
  • Hiring Process and operation
  • Workforce management
  • Workforce efficiency analysis
  • Systems and tools
  • Talent Management structure, skill sets, and gaps
  • Training, development, and coaching
  • Campaigns, career pages, and messaging

A Workforce Ecosystem Assessment can be done either as a standalone assessment or as a first step in a total recruitment recovery program. The assessment will identify and prioritize areas of greatest opportunity. We’ll compare what you’re doing now with our best-in-class customers that are already considered talent management pros.

Immersive Training

A candidate’s first interaction with your company is often with a recruiter or a hiring manager. Is their first impression the best it can be? Every interaction has the power to make or break a hire. Bandwidth offers hands-on training modules focused on improving the candidate experience every step of the way. We cover:

  • Interview Skills Training to assess candidates with greater accuracy, depth, and speed – optimizing everyone’s time and experience
  • Strategic Talent Assessment – aligning candidates’ skills and potential to business goals
  • Bias Recognition and Mitigation
  • Ethical Sourcing and Sleuthing
  • Writing great job descriptions
  • A variety of customized trainings for internal recruiting teams

On-Going Advisory

Talent challenges don’t stop. Recruitment, your employer brand, and your company’s culture are part of a complex talent ecosystem that requires constant attention and adjustment. Bandwidth offers on-going and retained advisory services, health checks, coaching, and executive development to help ensure your company is a destination for top talent.

We can be on-call to handle:

  • Recruiter coaching and situation management
  • Executive coaching for difficult hiring situations or employee scenarios
  • Advice and counsel on best practices, including comp and equity
  • Employee termination advice (pre-lawyer and to prevent legal action)
  • Workforce restructuring assistance including downsizing and mergers or acquisitions


Let's Work Together

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